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14 Jun 2017

2016: A Year of Growth

At Compass Access Solutions, our commitment to excellence extends beyond simply carrying the best products. We strive to exceed expectations in every area of our operations, including our growth as a company. We are proud to report that, in 2016, Compass’ overall scope and size doubled. Our team has taken on more projects than ever before. To ensure we're best equipped to meet demand, our team has increased our service fleet and has added an onsite heavy duty mechanic and maintenance administrator, meaning our repair times are quicker. This allows us to spend more time on the road, assisting our clients at a higher volume. We are consistently expanding, reaching into new markets, and are always searching for ways to improve.

In a recent internal newsletter, President Randy Issac thanked our staff for their dedication and passion for upholding the Compass brand. Our team is the heart and soul of our business, and believe that their feedback is one of our most valuable assets towards success. We have committed to implementing a system that allows them to share their input, as well as the feedback received in the field with more ease and efficiency. Compass also remains a strong advocate for creating the safest worksite and culture possible and will continue forward with our intensive training, review, and implementation of the best safety standards and equipment in the industry. We believe that by leading with safety, we give both our employees and customers peace of mind.

With 2017 now well under way, Compass thanks our customers, past and present for your partnership. We remain your faithful partner in excellence and look forward to continuing to grow alongside you.

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