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16 Jun 2017

Optimizing Your Fleet:Why Best Practices Matter

As part of our dedication to safety and efficiency, Compass takes pride in ensuring our fleet of vehicles, along with our drivers are well equipped to perform their jobs securely. Our vehicles ranges from excavators to loaders, and even tractor trailers. With the increasing demand and growth we’ve experienced in the last year, our fleet is ever growing, but one thing stays the same: our focus on putting safety first. Why does fleet safety matter? Read on to find out why, as well as some of the steps we take to make sure your products get to their destination without a hitch!

compass access fleet safety

Liability Concerns

Wherever there are lacking safety practices, liability concerns increase. The reality of operating heavy machinery is that there is inherent risk involved. With the right training and tools, the risk can be mitigated. If neglected, however, both company and customer stand poised for a loss that is entirely avoidable. Liability is an important consideration when it comes to building and maintaining a reputation. Trading safe practices for the sake of “speed” is a sure-fire way to damage your brand and dissuade clients from using your service. When you build your name based on reliability, however, you’ll strengthen your customer base and save yourself potential headaches.

Safe Doesn’t Mean Slow

The still somewhat prevalent stigma that safety checks slow down the overall speed of an operation is entirely misinformed. When best practices are ingrained in your day to day, it becomes a matter of “well-oiled” process to keep things running smoothly. Taking the time upfront saves you the potential delays caused by accidents, breakdowns, or other mishaps. As a result, both you and your clients save valuable time and money and can move forward on schedule.

What does a safe fleet look like?

A reliable fleet is a well-maintained and well-equipped fleet. At Compass, we employ an on-site heavy duty mechanic and maintenance administrator to ensure our equipment is quickly and routinely tended to. We also ensure that every vehicle and piece of equipment contains vital safety tools like hard hats, first aid kits, extinguishers, etc. Our drivers are trained to uphold the highest industry standards, with continuous learning is heavily encouraged in our work culture.

Making sure your vehicles and machinery are taken care of, stocked with vital tools, and your operators are well-trained can help make your operations safe for everyone. To learn more about Compass’ approach to safety, our fleet, as well as our services, contact us today!

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