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2 Oct 2017

Rig Mats: Heavy Duty Solutions

When it comes to jobs that require heavier duty resources than your typical access mat provides, rig mats are the perfect solution. Capable of withstanding heavyweight, but still relatively light themselves, rig mats are an indispensable resource on the job site. Learn more about their benefits below:

Built to last

Compass uses steel frame mats to compliment our access mats. We offer standard three or four beam mats, camp mats, all designed to stand up to heavy use and rough conditions. The durability of rig mats makes them a worthwhile investment pipeline, oil & gas, as well as any other industry that require reliable access solutions.


Despite their steel encasing, our rig mats have a variety of practical applications. Not only do they serve as a trust-worthy makeshift path in difficult terrain, but can also be used as a platform for oil rigs, remote helicopter pads, tank farms, etc.

Cost Efficient, environmentally friendly

Due to their reusable factor, rig mats end up saving your crew time and money. In addition, the use of mats minimizes damage to the surrounding area, leaving the natural landscape relatively untouched. With higher demands being placed on work sites to remain eco-conscious, you can rest assured that your transportation to and from the site will be able to meet environmental standards.

No matter what your access needs are, Compass Access Solutions is here to assist. Contact us today to learn more about our services!