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10 Oct 2017

Crane mats: Efficient and Safe

When it comes major construction projects that involve the use and transport of heavy machinery such as cranes, having the right matting to stabilize your equipment is paramount. Learn more about the benefits of crane mats below:

Suited for a variety of industrial applications

Crane mats are extremely versatile when it comes to the types of job sites they may be used on. With applications ranging from pipeline construction, bridge repair, modular home installations, crane excavation and more, crane mats are often a vital part of getting the job done safely and efficiently.

Protect your equipment

As most construction professionals will know, coping with uneven ground on site can make the placement and use of machinery a hassle. Crane mats eliminate that obstacle by providing a sturdy, consistent surface to work from. This ensures that your equipment is safe and less likely to get stuck, creating costly delays or the need for repairs.

Stay on track and efficient

One of the major benefits of crane mats, beyond simply providing a stable area for your equipment, is their ability to assist with overall project efficiency. With the obstacle of uneven surfaces eliminated, work can proceed at optimal speed, keeping you on time, and your crew safe.

To learn more about the benefits and practical uses of crane mats, contact Compass Access Solutions today!