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14 Nov 2017

Portable Bridges: Your Access Solution

For many companies in the oil and gas business, finding suitable temporary access solutions that allow for the transportation of crews and machinery across streams, creeks, and other gaps that make crossing difficult. Portable bridges are the perfect solution for jobs in the oilfield, mining, or forestry industries. Whether it’s a short-term drilling project or a large-scale mining excavation, Compass has solutions for all kinds of jobs. For example:

Recently, Compass delivered a 120’ bridge to a construction company based in Whitehorse. The Yukon provides no shortage of unique challenges for builders. Our client specializes in road construction, mine development, contract mining, and mine site remediation. Having a bridge capable of carrying the weight of their equipment and that guarantees easy access to their job sites is a huge benefit when it comes to efficiency and project management. Portable bridges also reduce the environmental impact of a job by ensuring the terrain is left relatively unharmed, and aids with safety by making sure crew members can get to the location without being hindered by the elements.

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