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23 Jan 2018

Heavy Duty Mats: Access Mats for the Toughest of Jobs

crane and rig mats

When it comes to providing reliable access to your job site for projects that involve the transport of heavy duty equipment, trailers, or even just a stable foundation for your machinery to rest on, you need access mats that can stand up to daily demands without cracking under pressure. That’s where products like rig and crane mats shine. Built to withstand the toughest of demands, these mats can carry heavy loads to and from your job site without fear of buckling or damage. Learn more about the difference between these kinds of mats below:

Steel Frame Rig Mats

Rig mats are relatively light weight considering their load-bearing capacity and are encased in steel frames to give extra durability to the product. Compass’ rig mats use a standard three or four beam construction, with or without lifting shackles. They are versatile and can be used for a multitude of different applications. From forging a sturdy path to serving as a platform for oil rigs (hence the name), these mats have your back. Best of all, their durability means you’ll be able to use them for multiple projects, making your investment sound.

Crane Mats

The primary utility of crane mats is to provide a suitable surface to transport and support heavy machinery. Like rig mats, they are extremely versatile in application. Uses include pipeline construction, bridge installation, modular home installation. Crane mats provide your crew with a steady, reliable surface for your equipment, allowing your job to proceed on schedule safely.

Compass stocks a wide selection of mats for all your access needs. For more information about renting or purchasing our mats, contact our team today! You can even use our mat calculator to determine roughly how many mats your job will require in advance.

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