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5 Feb 2018

Coming Soon: Access Mat Washing with Compass

Compass Access Solutions is pleased to share the pending arrival of our brand new portable access mat washer. We anticipate having the washer on site within the next two quarters. Our team is dedicated to giving our customers access to the best products in the industry, and having a mat washer on hand is just another example of our commitment to excellence.

Why Use a Mat Washer?

We all know that access mats get dirty. It’s their job to withstand the weight of vehicles and machinery pushing them into the mud, soil, and other terrains that, inevitably, ends up sticking around after the job’s done. Besides avoiding tracking dirt and mud back home, mat washers provide a valuable service for both the products and owners. Why? Here’s a couple of reasons.

Removes Dirt, Soil, Dust, Harmful Substances and More Safely

Post-Job cleanup can be time-consuming, but a mat washer expedites the process significantly. More importantly, it also ensures that any substances that may degrade your mats are removed as quickly as possible, minimizing wear and tear. Less stress on your matting will help prolong the longevity and maximize your investment.

Prevent Cross Contamination

As access mats are continuously exposed to elements that may pose the risk of cross-contamination (seeds, chemicals, bugs, diseases, etc.), elimination of contaminants is crucial. Our mat washer will safely cleanse mats of any harmful sediment, leaving them sanitized and ready for the next job.

Learn more about the importance of washing your mats, as well as Compass Access Solution current inventory by contacting our team today!

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