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22 May 2018

Why choose hybrid mats for your access needs?

Reaching back-country construction sites in Central Alberta with heavy equipment and other vehicles isn’t always easy. Access mats allow you to build a platform for your vehicles, ensuring you get the job done as quickly and smoothly as possible - all while limiting damage caused to the natural environment.

Construction projects often vary in length, so you’ll want to choose access mats that are durable enough to serve your needs. Not all mat materials are created equal, and we always recommend our hybrid access mats to customers looking for a long-term solution.

The use of both oak and fir in these hybrid mats make them more durable than most single wood type access mats. Not only are they durable but able to with stand our harsh and forever changing Canadian climate. As a result, your machinery can drive over the surface for a much longer period without mats having to be repaired or replaced.

Our hybrid access mats are great for oil companies in Central Alberta taking on pipeline projects, integrity digs, lease access, or any construction project. We also recommend these hybrid mats to local powerline companies when setting up or decommissioning transmission lines.

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