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27 Aug 2018

My Compass Experience: Michelle Whitlow

I have been very fortunate while working for Compass Access Solutions.  I started off 2 years ago in a temp position scanning in documents, our Controller at the time saw something in me and gave me an opportunity of doing various tasks in the accounting department.  It didn’t take long for me to learn the programs and after a few months, I took over the Accounts Receivable department and as of this year with the course payment program available at Compass Access, I have my Basic Bookkeeping Certificate! 

Another opportunity that was presented to me a year ago was assisting the sales department and one of the first tasks I got to take control of is our monthly newsletter and before I knew it, I became responsible for our social media pages and have been a part of a lot of fun planning and events!  Not only was my schooling paid for, Compass has a profit share program, receive awards for our years of service, safety incentives and are recognized for our hard work. 

So all those things I just said are awesome but here’s why I really love working at Compass, as cheesy as it might sound, I have made a lot of friends here, some of them I consider my best.  A lot of laughs are had here and its more like a family relationship than a work one.  We play jokes on one another, get on each others nerves but overall we have each others backs.  There has been loss and hardships but we have stuck together and risen above.  Because my managers and peers see the potential in me, I have been allowed to grow in different areas I never thought of before! 

I have golfed side by side with the president and the general manager, I have taken my friends to the barns at the GP Stompede, been a part of planning team events and much more.  Overall, I love my job because I am cared about personally and professionally.

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