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21 Nov 2018

Picking a Crane Mat

Crane mats provide critical ground stability when working with heavy equipment. Often in work areas, ground becomes unlevel or soft, and increases the risk of the heavy equipment becoming unstable. Crane mats provide a level, stable, and solid base for all types of operations including ground stabilization for projects like pipeline construction, bridge installation, modular home installation, and transmission line work. When you are looking to buy or rent a crane mat you should consider the following and call us for additional information.

Crane mats are often referred to as digging mats and range from 4’x12’ to 4’x24’, with 8” to 12” rough cut lumber application. Crane mats are built to handle the weight of the equipment on them and the load that the equipment needs to haul or carry. Our mats are of the highest quality and are built to be reusable and cater to the harshest conditions that Canada can throw at them.

We offer delivery service on all our crane mats and can place and pick them before and after your project is completed. Crane mats provide for quick environmental recovery and are a great re-usable investment in your next project. Compass Access Solutions can provide custom crane mats suited to your project’s specific needs.

If you are looking for a crane mat or a digging mat that fits your needs, then look no further than Compass Access Solutions. For more information call us at 1-855-876-MATS (6287) 24/7.

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