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28 Jan 2019

Annual Safety Stand Down Event

At Compass our philosophy is that nothing we do, and no job is so urgent that we can't take the time to do it in a safe manner. We believe that having a proactive safety mind set in each of our team members is essential to achieve our goal of zero workplace accidents. Compass Access Solutions proudly takes proactive measures to protect the well being of our employees, and this is why we host our annual Safety Stand Down.

Safety Stand Down is typically a two-day event focused on providing valuable education, training and increasing awareness about changes in our industry, working conditions or processes as well as new developments within our company. Employees from every division of our business gather and talk directly about the safety concerns they may experience on the job or in our daily lives. Our employees are encouraged to participate in group discussions, team building activities and practice skills hands on in an effort to maintain our positive and interactive Safety Culture. At Compass our Safety Culture goes beyond the rules and systems in place, it is about the values, attitudes and behaviors of every team member.

By bringing together our employees, from executives and managers to supervisors and frontline workers and talking about safety concerns, we are able to reinforce the behaviors and attitudes that make Compass Access Solutions a Safe place to work for everyone.

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