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6 May 2019

Environmentally Responsible in All We Do

Compass Access Solutions Environmental Responsibility


Compass Access Solutions has been treating the world with environmental sensitivity since the day we laid our first mat. How can a matting company help the environment? Simple—covering it in mats. It has been proven that laying mats help decrease the environmental footprint of many oil and gas projects. Our mats can be washed and bleached to fit any environment and not cross contaminate or cross-pollinate from region to region.

Of course, we know that many businesses rely on us for Crane mats, portable bridges, access mats, etc. and while we believe in continuing to bring our services to Alberta and BC, we also know that companies like ours can make operational changes in order to lessen the damage that we are doing.

Simple things we do to help are having GPS on our company vehicles to ensure that our vehicles are maintaining speed limits-lessening fuel usage and decreasing idle times. We are moving towards a paperless system and have incorporated the use of tablets and cellular phones that have fillable forms for our employees to use instead of trying to make triplicates of work orders. All of these are guidelines we can follow to maintain our place as leaders of the mat and bridge industry while respecting the environment. What’s more is that as research in the field of environmentalism advances, we can advance as well and improve our techniques which can lead to a cleaner, more efficient way of doing our job. We take pride in bringing the best access mat services to Alberta and BC, but we also take pride in showing our planet the respect it deserves. After all, this is our home, so why not treat it right?