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27 Aug 2019

Get Your Mats on Time!

Compass Access Solution On Time Delivery


At Compass Access Solutions, we make a business of being aware of the stresses of getting to and from the workplace every day. Whether you’re in a bustling city on paved streets, or in a remote location out in the bush, having a well-built, sturdy path to drive on is crucial. The same can be said about having a surface that can bear the weight of on-site structures and equipment such as cranes, rigs, and camp buildings. In the oil industry, access mats, portable bridges, and rig/crane mats are an indispensable resource. As such, we are proud to offer second-to-none portable bridge, mat rental and delivery services stretching from Fort St. John all the way southeast to Bow Island, and everything in between.

Time is a valuable commodity and we make sure to keep that in mind. There’s nothing worse than being at a standstill in any workplace. Our delivery service ensures that our crane mats, access mats, and/or portable bridges will be delivered promptly, hassle free, and at fair rates. When choosing to work with us, businesses also benefit from our installation services. We can supply all the equipment necessary to lay our mats and bridges, and our team is trained with efficiency and safety in mind. This peace of mind allows our customers to continue working at their own pace, knowing that the job will be done within their budget and always in a friendly yet professional manner.

We’re excited to be able to bring these services to relevant industries and would love to hear from prospective customers. For any further questions or to receive a quote, call us 24/7 toll-free! 1 (855) 876-MATS (6287

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