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7 Jul 2019

Refer a Friend


For the average Compass Access Solutions employee, their workplace is anywhere in Alberta or BC that we are delivering and placing crane mats, portable bridges, or access mats. Maintaining a positive workplace culture can be a struggle for some companies, but not us. A trust-based work environment allows us to show how much we respect our employee's opinions. One of the ways we value their opinions is when we grow our team. In 2018 Compass Access Solutions created an Employee Referral Program to encourage our employees to recommend people they know to work with.

The Employee Referral Program works as follows: If the person our employee referred is hired, and stays until the end of their probation period, the employee who receives a $250 bonus. The employee will then receive another $250 reward is the person they referred has been with our company for 6 months.

In 2018 we gave out nearly $5000 in referral money, which was very exciting to us for so many reasons. It also allows us to add new, valued employees to our continuously growing team—adding to that culture of trust and positivity in the workplace. Plus, there’s nothing like the look of joy on someone’s face when they receive the referral money. Looking ahead, we at Compass Access Solutions are more than happy to be able to continue this tradition of giving and sharing with our team and improving on relationships both old and new. Here’s to cashing in on referrals in 2019 and beyond!