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26 Jul 2019

Supplying the Highest Quality Mats

No matter their intended use, mats are used to support equipment and structures that are essential to the operations of our customers. It is therefore important that they are built to the highest standard with quality in mind. As a leading company in the mat and portable bridge industry, we always keep this in mind and make it our goal to provide customers with a quality product. Providing access mats for all types of terrain is no easy task, but with a variety of products and services, we’ve got you covered. Below, you’ll find a list of our products, as well as their intended purpose.

Hybrid Access Mats

These mats use oak and fir for a combination of strength and efficiency. This design reinforces the outer edges for protection against heavy use. Our oak and fir hybrid mats are bolted together to our specs and provide a lightweight but durable solution for tough projects. This is the best option for heavily frosted areas of northern Alberta and BC.

Fir Access Mats

Made from douglas fir wood, these mats are the lighter, most economical mats available. Fir mats are perfect for longer projects that require easy access and low transportation costs. They are also the best for protecting sensitive terrain against erosion, giving them the lowest environmental impact of all mats.

Rig Mats

Offering a full line of steel frame mat applications that can withstand any load has led us to become Alberta’s number one supplier of rig mats. Our inventory of steel rig mats and camp mats come in industry-standard sizes of 8’x20’ or 8’x40’. We also offer custom-size orders to fit your exact needs, including mats of 3 beams and 4 beams, with or without lifting shackles.

Crane Mats

Compass crane mats offer the best foundation for your mobile crane. These high-quality crane mats range from 4’x12’ to 4’x20'. All options are available in an 8" to 12" rough cut lumber application. Lifting slings are optional and crane mats can be custom built to meet your project requirements.

There you have it! With a broad range of materials and logistics and top-notch delivery and installation services, Compass Access Solutions promises to give you a second to none experience for all portable bridge and mat needs! Call us 24/7 for more information or to receive a quote! 1 (855) 876-MATS (6287)

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