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14 May 2019

Service with a Smile: Meet Shannon!

Shannon Nametag

Being the number one supplier of crane mats and portable bridges in Alberta and BC isn’t just something that happens overnight. It takes time, hard work, and dedication. At Compass Access Solutions, we’re proud to say that hard work and dedication are two things that come naturally to the great team members that we’ve hired over the years.

Shannon, our business development and sales rep—is one example of a team member who shows up every day, ready to tackle anything that comes his way. He is the customer’s first point of contact for sales and business at Compass in Grande Prairie, and with good reason! Shannon brings with him and air of confidence and good nature that makes all those around him feel comfortable. He loves to help customers out, and no matter what task he’s occupied with you can be sure that he’ll get the job done. Any businesses with questions about crane mat and portable bridge sales are in good hands with Shannon!

Shannon’s wonderful attitude goes beyond the workplace as well. As a loving husband and father, he shows that brightening the lives of those around him is more than just his job. It’s something that he genuinely loves doing. Shannon is also fond of spending time playing sports, most notably golf and curling. Whether playing one on one on a golf course, or curling on a team, he’s a valued player in any game.

Building a strong, team-oriented company such as Compass Access Solutions takes the hard work of a trusted group of employees, and Shannon is no exception to that rule. All customers and employees at Compass know Shannon as a great person to work with. He works hard and gets along well with others in the work place—his value as a colleague is undeniable! Whenever someone is need, Shannon is there to help. His dedication to the Compass team makes him an integral part of our company.

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