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21 Jun 2019

A Proud Community Supporter

A part of running a business is taking the health and well being of the people in the community seriously. We try to integrate this dynamic in every aspect of our operations from ensuring our team is working in a safe, hospitable environment, to maintaining a 100% safety guarantee on our crane mats and portable bridges—ensuring that our customers are also safe and happy when using our product. This attitude goes far beyond our homes and workplaces, however! In March of this year one of Compass’s valued team members, Darrel Comeau, headed to Quito, Ecuador to help the Canadian Association of Medical Teams Abroad (CAMTA) by providing photography services. Darrel is a valued employee at Compass. When news of his trip began circulating, Compass immediately decided to back him. His dedication to the cause was genuine and wanted to help in any way possible to see things through. All employees of Compass Access Solutions were involved in a 50/50 draw which helped cover funds and additional supplies needed to make the trip. We couldn’t be prouder!

A Bit About CAMTA

CAMTA was founded in 2001 by a group of medical professionals in Alberta. Since then, by offering orthopedic surgeries to children in need, they have made a substantial impact on the global community. Their mission statement speaks true to the selfless nature of their organization: “To enhance the lives of those citizens in developing countries who are desperately in need of first world medical intervention by providing medical and surgical care as well as public health and ongoing education. To work together both here and abroad through mutual respect and effective communication.” Each year, CAMTA sends dozens of volunteers on missions to Ecuador to help those in desperate need of medical aid and education in the field of healthcare. For more information or to donate/volunteer, click here!

The Trip

While in Quito, Darrel aided by providing his photography services for the hard-working medical professionals of CAMTA. He was able to witness and capture a variety of amazing experiences and bring them to life through his photography. Darrel came home with so many wonderful, inspiring stories to tell. He witnessed a variety of emotional experiences from smiles and laughter, to tears as children and their parents were brought the wonderful news that their surgeries were successful and that the children would soon be able to run and play just like children should be able to. To see some of the work that Darrel did for CAMTA, check out his Instagram @darrelcommeau. You can also head to CAMTA’s Instagram account @camta1 to see a variety of other pictures from the trip!

Our Future in the Global Community

Compass couldn’t be happier about being able to aid in wonderful experiences like this. The idea that we can bring smiles to the faces of people worldwide is something that fills us with pride. Bringing crane mats and portable bridges to Alberta and BC might be our top business goal, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t do more to help those in need. Later this year, we have an employee travelling to Vietnam to help Habitat for Humanity, and we hope that with each year we can continue the tradition of spreading goodwill across Alberta and beyond!

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