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5 Aug 2019

A Safe Culture – Meet Vanessa

Vanessa Nametag

At Compass, we’re proud that we can look at our team and say that they’re the driving force behind us being the number one supplier of crane mats and portable bridges in Alberta. Without these individuals we wouldn’t be where we are. It is, after all, the hard work and dedication of Compass’s team members that make operations as smooth and efficient as they are. Today, we’d like to send out a big thank you to Vanessa for all that she does for us here at Compass Access Solutions.

Safety is something that guides us at Compass, and one of our defining features as a successful business is our safety culture. Vanessa’s passion for workplace safety has led her to obtain her National Construction Safety Officer, and Health & Safety Administrator certifications through the Alberta Construction Safety Association. We’re grateful to have someone as knowledgeable, detail oriented, and outgoing as Vanessa to help our company maintain a positive outlook on safety. She has brought with her a host of great ideas and makes everyone at Compass feel comfortable talking about safety, as they should. Vanessa has helped tremendously with building a solid safety culture, without which we would be missing out on a few important aspects of our business, including:

Taking care of our employees.
Without a good attitude toward safety, any workplace can become dangerous. Our goal is to bring the total number of workplace incidents to 0. We want to know that everyone who comes into work gets to go home happy and healthy at the end of each day.
Building a Safe Product.
We take pride in providing a product that is built with structural integrity in mind. Our crane mats, swamp access mats, and portable bridges all come with a 100% safety guarantee. Customers know that they can work confidently and worry free when hiring Compass.
Keeping the Public Safe
When doing a job, it’s easy to forget about one’s surroundings. Solid training and a positive attitude allow our employees to keep safety at the forefront while they’re working. Not only are they looking out for themselves and each other, they’re also working to make sure that people who aren’t involved in their work are kept safe as well.

Valued at Work and at Home

Aside from her warm presence in the workplace, Vanessa is known for her great energy outside of work. When she’s not keeping busy with her son at hockey tournaments, she can be found ripping up obstacle courses with Tough Mudder in Grande Prairie, or going on international trips (we heard Iceland was simply incredible)! All things considered, we at Compass love that she’s a part of our team and we know that whatever her next step is, be it at work, at home, or abroad, she’ll be doing great things.   

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