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10 Feb 2020

Common Uses for Portable Bridges in Canada

Portable Bridge over snow covered ravine

Breaking new ground across Canada’s vast oil and gas resources was never going to be easy. Many of the locations were previously inaccessible except for hunters and nomadic tribes. Crossing streams, roaring torrents, sticky marshes and narrow gorges are among the common uses for portable bridges Compass supplies.

A portable bridge can take weeks off achieving access to a profitable new site. Or else the track must follow the contours as it winds its way around the obstacle. A safe reliable access route is fundamentally important for safety. Quick and easy access helps keep establishment costs low and accountants smiling.

Common Uses for Portable Bridges in Gas and Oil Projects

We rent and sell temporary and semi-permanent bridges for a variety of situations. They help get your people and products where you need them faster. You get the product moving sooner. Moreover, you cause less damage to wetlands and plant life in narrow valleys and ravines.

  • Clearing right of way access through rising and falling terrain becomes a headache when you encounter a sharply plunging stream. Bridging over these obstacles is one of the most common uses for portable bridges in our game. Once the line is secure you can move the bridge to the next challenge.
  • A portable bridge becomes a long-lasting solution on an access road to a project site. Our crane and rig mats handle the interfaces at either end with interlocking ease that merges with the road surface. Your heavy vehicles can pass without interruption or losing momentum.
  • Temporary flooding can be a real problem when torrential rain comes. Your trucks are delayed by sticky mud, and there is a crane waiting to pass. A short length of rig mats and a temporary bridge forming a detour is a satisfactory solution while you wait for dry weather to return.

Environmentally-Friendly Applications in Agriculture

We rent portable bridges to large scale commercial farmers during harvest season. Their common uses for portable bridges include access routes that don’t endanger water quality, and smoother roads that don’t bruise delicate product in transport.

Moreover, we can move the bridges between sites depending on where crops are ready for harvest. We can also leave them there until spring, when it’s time to prepare the soil for the next cash crop.

More about Portable Bridges from Compass Access Solutions

We have standard products available for quick hire or purchase. We also accommodate special orders to suit your requirements. We are innovative people and we will find a solution that works.

We are proud to say our portable bridges are among the most durable you will encounter anywhere on the Alberta oil fields. We have 20’ to 120’ spans, with 14’ wide running decks and 100-ton ratings.

Speak to Us Soon, Get Your Portable Bridge Solution Fast

Call us toll-free at 1 (855) 876-MATS (6287) to set up a meeting or post us a message here. We provide solutions for uncommon and common uses for portable bridges. They perform well and thrive in tough environments.

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