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20 Aug 2020

7 Different Uses for Crane Mats in Your Business

Stacks of Crane Mats

  • Crane mats stabilize wet, soft or uneven ground so your team can work safely while they get on with their job. They can concentrate on what they are doing because they have a firm base to work on. Crane mats can increase productivity on an outdoor site.

  • Crane mats are short- to medium-term solutions. They rest directly on the ground so there is consequently seldom need for foundations or form work. They are a great workaround in sensitive areas. Crane mats could take care of your environmental responsibility.

  • Crane mats can form a solid operating base for a crane, dragline or outrigger. This equipment can operate more efficiently by having a solid base to stand on. If you are hiring heavy equipment for a short project you could have an overall savings. Crane mats could reduce the overall cost of your project.

  • Crane mats become dragging mats after you attach a sling. You could also use them as additional support when lifting or moving a heavy object. Stout, sturdy crane mats lend a hand in many situations. Crane mats are versatile tools.

  • Crane mats make great temporary roads for almost any kind of mobile equipment. They are ideal for removing spoil and installing / servicing pipe- and transmission lines. Crane mats can solve your access problems.

  • Crane mats are made from natural, organic materials, namely hardwoods sourced from renewable forests. They cannot, in themselves pollute or poison an environment. Crane mats help reduce your carbon footprint.

  • Crane mats also help you cross shallow swampland in rainy season, reducing the need for detours, temporary bridges and the like. Transport is a significant cost in any operation. Crane mats can save you money in many ways.

  • Crane Mat Stocks Available in Alberta and British Columbia

    We hold stock suitable for all the different uses for crane mats we mentioned, and just about any other safe purpose you may have in mind. Please call Compass Access Solutions at 1 (855) 876-MATS (6287) or post an email here. Placing crane mats is not an easy task but you’ll soon discover we are one of Canada’s leading experts.

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