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15 May 2020

Advantages of a Mat Washer You May Like to Consider

A clean working environment is not just there to create a smile on a safety officer’s face. A government inspection could go faster because your site is clean and easy to examine. And if you are hoping to impress a new client it could give you a distinct advantage, but that’s not all.

It’s hard to see what’s under the grime when you work in a sensitive environment, especially where you ought not to encourage soil disease or the proliferation of noxious weeds. It therefore makes sense to book a mat washer before transporting access mats from site to site.

However, you may not need to go to that level of cleanliness. You might just need a quarterly service, or a spring clean after the heavy rain is over. With Compass Access Solutions you choose the program you want. It’s your call and our pleasure to do a decent job and help keep your mats in good shape longer.

Being able to proactively react to damage is another of the advantages of a mat washer service. We can inspect them as we work through them and suggest replacing individual boards that have taken on damage. Mat washing is not just a cosmetic matter. It is also the first step in preventative maintenance.

Our portable mat washer forms an essential part of the quality service we promise. We understand access mats get dirty from vehicles and machinery forcing them into the dirt and mud. They leave our depots in pristine condition, thanks to pre washing and this can prevent tracking and mud on public roads.

A mat washer service could speed up routine tidying of your site for a maintenance outage. This can slash your downtime and enable you to squeeze more production. Your site should also be safer without lingering oil and chemical spills that could cause industrial accidents.,/p>

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