mats rental Calgary

mats rental Calgary

With many years in the field, Compass Access Solution has been producing hardwood rental mats and used mats to the oil and gas, high-line utilities, petrochemical, and pipeline industries, and also construction and environmental businesses. We manufacture our mats with a mix of American hardwoods and are highly durable to ensure their ability to withstand harsh conditions. As one of the leading and most significant producers and rentals of industrial mats, we've been able to help many businesses flourish as our mats bring safety, health, and environmental solutions to Canadian businesses.

We can assist when seeking to rent industrial mats in determining the appropriate type and size of mat that best suits your project, the total amount of mats needed, and schedule delivery to your job site. Our service also extends to professional mat installation around the globe. With a vast knowledge and experience gathered over the years, our team of elite professionals can install thousands of mats per day! We offer daily, weekly, and monthly rental services.

At the end of your project, we arrange on the immediate return of the rented mats to our yard, where they will undergo a thorough inspection, cleaning, and repaired if the need arises. Our sole manufacturing methods, coupled with the highest-quality 100% hardwood materials, create slim chances of damage and repair charges, which help save cost and get the most life out of each rental mat.

Crane Mat

Compass Access' crane mats are solely constructed for a variety of matting applications, which include transmission lines, construction, pipelines, well-sites, and environmental remediation. Also, our crane mats are designed in such a way that allows bolts and cable options to make lifting and maneuvering easy. One major feature of these industrial mats is its durability, as it can stabilize heavy-duty equipment in severe conditions.

Compass Access Solution provides a fully-integrated matting solution by offering crane mat rentals in Calgary as well as purchase options for used and new mats alongside the first-rate service. We correctly handle the engineering of all project plans and flexible to meet any project need.

Access Mat

We offer access to mat rentals in Calgary and purchase, which are consistently durable and reliable. They are specially made for heavyweight distribution and notably reduce reclamation costs. These rig mats provide a vast smooth working platform that allows our customers to complete their projects in a safe and clean environment.

Also, these mats are a very versatile kind of mats that has the interlocking ability from each side, and they are ideal for pipeline crossings, crane pads, shop floors, roadways, lay-down areas, plant sites, and road boring. Another advantage of this mat is their size - they allow handling in the constricted space and easy transportation.

Rig Mat

If you seek to rent rig mats in AB, our rig mat is constructed using independent wood sections and treated pine, and featuring reinforced lifting slots, our rig mat rentals can be implemented in an array of formats. These rig mats tend to provide a solid base for diverse needs and applications, which include drilling rig sites, construction sites, pipeline applications, warehouse floors, campsites, environmentally sensitive jobs, and more.

Oilfield portable bridges

For dependable and easy-to-setup bridges, you can count on our standard mobile units as an ideal solution. Existing in different varieties from 20'-90' and constructed for easy assembly, our bridges enhance our clients' smooth movement. Also, the bridges we provide are winchable and skiable for easy use and extra durability. Our portable bridges are solidly built to withstand constant traffic and heavy loads, and the steel used in manufacturing these bridges are rust-resistant.

In need of mats rental in Calgary, Compass Access Solutions have you covered for all any of your mat need. For further inquiry or to request a quote on your next mat rental, reach out to us today!

mats rental Calgary
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mats rental Calgary
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mats rental Calgary