mats rental company Calgary

mats rental company Calgary

Most contractors will need access mats and portable bridges at some point during construction. Access mats are used across all industries for accessing unfavorable terrain. The matting provides an even surface for the movement of equipment and people as well as keeps the worksites accessible even when the weather gets bad.

Portable bridges offer a temporary and portable bridge system allowing pedestrians and vehicles ready access on construction sites. The bridges are perfect for use as temporary access over uneven terrain and excavations.

Compass Access Solutions is a mats rental company in Calgary that provides the ideal solution for the access needs of contractors. Our access mats and portable bridges offer safety and stability for heavy equipment and personnel in areas with rough ground. They also help to preserve the ecologically sensitive zones.

When Should You Purchase or Rent Mats and Portable Bridges?

For some construction sites, buying mats and portable bridges makes the most sense. If your line of work mostly involves challenging terrain such as the marine or midstream energy industries, it might be a good idea to invest in access products. You should also consider buying mats and portable bridges when you anticipate a project during a period when the products are expected to be in short supply.

On the other hand, there are situations where access mats rentals in Calgary, and portable bridges rentals could be the better option. Some contractors work in certain projects occasionally and don't need to have the access products in their inventory. Others do not have adequate space to keep the products for extended periods. In such instances, crane mat rentals or portable bridges rentals might make more sense.

The Benefits of Renting Portable Bridges and Access Mats

  • Free up capital for other uses
  • Improves project ROI and balance sheet
  • No maintenance costs
  • Keep expenses to the timeframe of need
  • Affordable - Buying mats or portable bridges can be pricey. When you choose to rent our access products, you will be able to pay a monthly rate that's only a fraction of the price you'd pay to purchase them.
  • Save on storage - It's highly likely that your worksite is packed with tools and equipment. If your warehouse is already full, it would be expensive to get more storage space for your portable bridge or mats. By renting the access products, you will save on space and return them to Compass Access Solutions once you're done.

The Best Rental Swamp Mats and Portable Bridges in AB

While our portable bridges and swamp mats are a great permanent investment to any constructor, there are many instances where the situation may require you to rent industrial mats and oilfield portable bridges on a project-by-project basis.

So why choose our mats rental company in Calgary for your rent rig mats in AB and portable bridges? First, we bring the same level of dedication and quality to our construction mats and portable bridges for rent as we do all our products for purchase. Whether you buy or rent from us, you'll get the best products that satisfy the needs of your business at incredible prices. To place your order now or for more information about what we can do for your next job, contact us on (780) 513-5517.

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mats rental company Calgary
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mats rental company Calgary