rig mats Calgary

rig mats Calgary

At Compass Access Solutions, we provide better rig mats at better prices. We offer access problem solutions for a variety of industries and sectors, including oil and gas exploration, utility, electric transmission lines, construction, gas piping, and more. Further, Compass Access Solutions allows our clients to fully customize their rig mats to include pipe ends, side-lifting loops, top-lifting slots, cross-beam welding, ramp ends, and other unique rig mat design features that compliment your project's needs.

We'll work closely with you, explaining all of our recommendations throughout the manufacturing, delivery, and installation processes. Our custom rig mats will have perfect end-to-end deflection, side plate and full pipe welding; beams will be tapered to fit pipes leaving a flat-top surface, custom mousehole mats, and a flat deck on top., All of our rig mats are thoroughly tested before being added to inventory or sold for use.

Check Out Our MATS Calculator

If you want to get an accurate idea of how many rig mats you're going to need for your project, you will need to know the size of your rig mats first. You can choose a standard or custom size. Then, you can utilize our MATS Calculator on our website to find the exact number of rig mats you'll need. Doing so will give you an idea of the price range for your rig mats.

Quality Rig Mats Every Time

Fortunately, our rig mats are easy to set up and remove. At Compass Access Solutions, we do everything we can to make the experience hassle-free and straightforward on the customer's end. While we offer custom rig mats, standard sizes work just fine for most jobs (and standard rig mats are much cheaper than custom rig mats). However, many customers worry about the quality of rig mats that have been sitting in our distribution yard for months already.

At Compass Access Solutions, we have a top-notch maintenance program to ensure only quality rig mats are leased and sold. We will never offer a less-than-perfect rig mat to our paying customers. We frequently inspect for quality, damage, cracking, warping, and other natural wear-and-tear. If the condition of the rig mats is less than ideal, Compass Access Solutions will either maintenance or scrap them. Therefore, you need not worry about the quality of our standard pre-made rig mats. We will sell you only the best!

Leave the Construction, Delivery, and Removal of Your Rig Mats to Us

To lighten your burden, Compass offers complete service for our manufactured rig mats. We provide reliable on-time delivery every time. Our professional and courteous specialists will install and remove your rig mats when you are finished with them so that you can focus on your job at hand. Find comfort in the fact that you have a full partner that will help you get where you need to be when you need to get there. Our rig mats can handle the most massive loads and take a constant beating without losing their integrity.

Contact Compass Access Solutions Today

We service Northern BC and all of Alberta. Contact Compass Access Solutions today to discuss how we can prepare your rig mats.

rig mats Calgary
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rig mats Calgary
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rig mats Calgary