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11 Jan 2018

When to Use Access Mats

access mats alberta

Part of the reality of worksites that are located in remote areas, or that have challenging terrain, is that access to crews and equipment can be difficult. Throw in Western Canada’s notorious weather shifts, and you’ve got a recipe for delays and frustration without the proper tools to assist you.

That’s where Access mats (occasionally also referred to as ‘Swamp mats’) come in. Access mats, like the name, suggests, provide a reliable surface area for vehicles and machinery navigate across to reach the job site safely. Rig mats and Crane mats have similar applications but are typically used for more heavy-duty applications, whereas regular access mats are designed to be more lightweight in build and use.

Access mats can be made out of a variety of materials, including oak, fir, and a hybrid of the two materials. Each type of mat has its benefits and will be suitable for different kinds of jobs. Oak mats, for example, are highly durable and long-lasting, making them a solid option for heavy traffic jobs that need to be able to resist the flexing caused by the transport of heavy loads. Fir mats are typically lighter weight and are a cheaper alternative for projects that are shorter in duration, or that will be exposed to less heavy load transport. Hybrid mats, as the name indicates, are a mix between the two, and act as a middle ground between oak and fir, giving the extra stability of oak and more price friendly aspect of fir mats.

Compass Access Solution carries a wide variety of mats and portable bridges for purchase and rent. To learn more about our products and services, contact our team today!

For those looking for a quick estimate of how many mats your job may require, you can use our brand new mat calculator to generate a rough number to work with.

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