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30 Jan 2018

Eye on Safety: The Compass 2018 Safety Stand-Down Review

This January, Compass Access Solutions started the new year by focusing on a topic that's extremely important to our team: safety. Each year, Compass conducts a safety stand-down with the entirety of our staff. During this time, all members of the Compass family have the opportunity to connect, refresh on industry best practices, learn about new safety standards, and leave knowing that their welfare is our number one priority.

While these types of "break" in daily operations are not an industry requirement, Compass believes in doing everything we can to foster an environment that excels in OHS, accountability, and transparency. As part of our commitment to spreading best practices, our team has taken the time to highlight a few notable topics and takeaways from this year's meeting.

We Introduced A New Member of Our Team

It was our pleasure to introduce our new HR Manager to the team. HR is an integral part of internal operations, and so having such a valuable resource readily on hand is a tremendous asset to our staff. Benefits of on-site HR managers include increased employee satisfaction; performance boosts, readily available training and development tools, and well-executed conflict resolution measures.

Our Revised Employee Handbook Was Distributed and Discussed

Compass is committed to implementing the most up to date practices and resources, and our new handbook reflects the latest in safety protocol. The Compass team spent time going through all changes and additions, answering questions, and discussing implementation methods for the coming year.

We Highlighted the Importance of Proactive Protection

As most will know, when it comes to safety, prevention is the first step. Our employees took the time to review how to identify and report hazards, how to fill out documentation paperwork correctly, and more.

Our Safety Incentive Program Was Discussed

While safety should be front of mind for all, Compass takes pride in recognizing those who go above and beyond to help grow our OHS culture. Team members that actively take part in leadership initiatives, safety engagement, volunteering, and participate in training exercises (to name a few behaviours), received commendation for their efforts with new crew members being encouraged to join in and follow their lead.

Overall, our 2018 stand-down was a fantastic opportunity for team building and sharing knowledge. We are thankful to have had the chance to convene together, and continue to strive to make our workplace as safe as possible!

For more information on Alberta's OHS Act, best practices, visit Alberta's Labour's website. To learn more about Compass Access Solutions and how we put safety best practices into our daily operations, contact our team today!

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