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18 Sep 2018

The Top 4 Benefits of Clean Mats

Just a few of the access solutions we provide at Compass Access are access mats, rig mats and crane mats -- but did you know that it’s important these mats be cleaned in order to be used effectively? Each of our mats is passed through a mat washer unit, for a variety of reasons.

1. Removes unwanted substances

By washing our access, rig and crane mats, we are able to remove not only dust, soil and plant materials but also harmful materials that could end up damaging your work site.

2. Stops unwanted spreading

Clean mats also ensure a reduced risk of spreading unwanted, potentially harmful things like noxious weeds or contaminated soil. This ensures your work site can be kept uncontaminated and healthy throughout your project.

3. Keeps our highways clean

By washing our mats, we help your crew avoid tracking dirt, mud and flying debris while they’re being transported between locations. You can rest assured knowing you’re keeping your highways clean and safe for other drivers.

4. Prolongs the mat’s life

Washing our mats allows us to remove any substances that may contribute to quicker wear and tear, extending the life of the mat and ensuring it stays sturdy for the duration of your project.

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