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3 Jun 2019

Compass Spring Meeting and BBQ

Spring BBQ

Spring has sprung in Alberta and although we’re busy as ever, we thought we’d take a small break from the world of crane mat and portable bridge production to treat our staff and management to a meeting and barbecue! Having a gathering like this will provide us with the opportunity to connect with our team and keep them in the loop about how Compass is currently doing, and our future. This is the first time we’ve had a meeting of this scale, so we’re very excited!

The morning will kick off with a full team meeting where we will talk about what’s coming up this year in terms of safety and changes in HR, as well as operations, new equipment, and business plans. Throughout the day, we will move into team building exercises and icebreakers. As Compass employees know, we’re proud of our employees and their ability to work together as a unit, but we also believe in constant improvement. Having the opportunity to learn more about working efficiently as a group is an invaluable resource that we hope everyone will enjoy! During this time, we will also be holding management meetings for supervisors, coordinators, and managers, who will learn more about being strong, dependable leaders.

We realize that this all sounds like work (we promise to make it as fun as possible). But don’t worry! All that training is going to work up an appetite, so at the end of the meetings we’re holding a barbecue for all staff. We hope it will be an enjoyable experience for everyone, and that at the end of the day we all take away something positive. Not only do we want to make a name for customers to remember, but we also want to create a great environment for our employees because at the end of the day it’s the team that puts our crane mats and portable bridges on the map!

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