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2 Mar 2017

Safety Stand-Downs: Putting OHS First

At Compass Access Solutions, we have long embraced a mentality that puts safety at the forefront of our business. It is our philosophy that no matter our workload, the welfare of our employees comes first. To put words into action, Compass hosted our annual “Safety Stand-Down” in late February of 2017. For a day and a half, the entire Compass team met to discuss industry standards, new documentation, and foster a happy, healthy work environment for employees. While stand downs are a voluntary undertaking, industry leaders increasingly recognize their importance and advantages. Compass would like to take the opportunity to highlight a few features of this year’s meeting, as well as offer a few thought points as to why it’s important to partner with a business that takes safety as seriously as we do.


Workplace safety is an ever evolving area of expertise

Just like any other industry, OHS is constantly developing newer, better ways to ensure workplace hazards are reduced or eliminated. We’re far past the days of throwing on a hard hat or a pair of goggles and hoping for the best. With so many innovative technologies and practices becoming available each year, it’s imperative to take the time to make sure that employees are briefed on any new documentation, products, or procedures. Having everyone gather at the same time will reduce training expenses, time away from projects, and allow your team to ask questions in a timely fashion.


Review, review, review

Educating staff on new developments is crucial, but it’s just as important to take the time to revisit old standbys. New employees may not be as familiar with standard procedures, and even old pros need occasional refreshing on best practices. A stand down is a surefire to make sure your team knows the ins and outs of OHS. While it may be tricky to get absolutely everyone gathered simultaneously, it’s far easier to connect with the few that aren’t able to attend one-one than approach everyone separately. It also allows your company the opportunity to bring in experts to talk to your crew about specific equipment. For example, this year, Compass brought in a Brogan Safety tech to demonstrate how to charge properly, test, and use gas monitors.


Celebrate team diversity and explore strengths

At Compass, we believe that health and safety extends beyond practices and equipment all the way to our most valuable asset: Our people. A stand down is a fantastic opportunity to bring together new and old employees and create a sense of community. A sense of camaraderie is a vital way to reduce workplace fatigue and a lesser discussed hazard: stress. As a management team, we recognize that individuals simply aren’t at their best when they feel isolated or stressed and that this can have dangerous implications for the entire crew. To teach our team how to manage stress and lead a healthy lifestyle, we brought in experts that coached employees on the ‘Triple A’ approach (focusing on how you can alter, avoid, or accept any given situation). We also focused on interpersonal relationship building and team dynamics.

There’s no denying that stand downs are time-consuming and can be costly. Even so, as a management team, we feel that taking the time to bring everyone together as a workplace family not only maintains a safe and positive space but also enhances overall productivity. A well-equipped team is a high delivering team. At Compass Access Solutions, we’re here to deliver for you 24/7 and are proud to make sure each and every one of our staff is trained to bring you results with the safest practices in place.
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