Indigenous Inclusion Policy for Compass Access Solutions Ltd.

Compass Access Solutions acknowledges that the land on which we operate has First Nations, Métis, and Inuit who lived here before us and continue to live here now, as we live here and continue to live here.

This policy was developed in conjunction with the consultation of local Indigenous leaders.

As an organization, we have a unique opportunity to collaborate and work effectively with Indigenous people, Indigenous businesses, and Indigenous communities. These demographics reveal a timely opportunity for local growth, which is dependent on how communities respond to advancing Indigenous Peoples’ inclusion to capitalize on these opportunities.

Our goal is genuine change and constructive results, not merely political correctness or checking off a box on a required vendor form. Our commitment to this goal is supported by our desire to practice respectful, purposeful, and transparent consultation with Indigenous peoples to share meaningful economic opportunities.

We trust that our company will grow from the knowledge gained by working with Indigenous peoples.

Specific directives and commitments:

  • Encourage Indigenous business participation in our supply chain by identifying opportunities for qualified Indigenous businesses to supply goods and services.
  • Continue to follow through on commitments and build trust and working partnerships with Tribe territories to explore mutually beneficial relationships that will advance both parties on various projects, including economic development opportunities.
  • Implement an Indigenous Supplier Development Program.
  • Track, monitor, and increase purchases from Indigenous businesses.
  • Advocate for our Indigenous businesses by encouraging our non-Indigenous customers and suppliers to increase their support of Indigenous businesses.
  • Enhance Indigenous recruitment activities in partnership with Indigenous employment agencies.
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